CGMA – Rigging for Games

Year of release : 2019
Manufacturer : CGMA Manufacturer
website :
Author : CGMA
Duration : 12:00:00
Type of distributed material : Video tutorial
Language : Russian
Description : Create realistic rigs ready to be used in games.
This course is all about building robust rigs. We will consider the creation of a rig for individual components (arms, legs, spine, etc.), as well as the possibilities for improving and automating the pipeline for creating a rig.
We will also focus on the reworkability of the finished rig and the ability to debug / anticipate problems.

Week 1 | Intro to Rigging
Week 2 | Component Rigging 1: Legs
Week 3 | Component Rigging 2: Arms
Week 4 | Component Rigging 3: Spine & Head
Week 5 | Rig Clean-up & Additional Helper Joints
Week 6 | Clean Skeleton for Engine Integration
Week 7 | Skinning
Week 8 | Final Steps: Debugging and Reverse Engineering a Rig

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