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Learn Kent’s workflow for rendering an animated shot with Blender. While it’s a lot of work to get animation itself finished, it’s also a lot of work to get that animation rendered. This course includes modeling, texturing, material creation, lighting, rendering, compositing, video and sound editing.

What you’ll learn Learn the work with Unity and C# from zero in a practical way Learn the programming methodology Create and programming a 3D platformer videogame with all the professional aspects Programming the main character Programming diferent kinds of enemies with artificial intelligence Advanced systems of the game such as: items, life systems, obstacles,

This training covers how to setup furry creatures and make hairstyles in Houdini. The training contains 4 projects. We’ll start with a simple furry creature and build three hairstyles. A short, long and a ponytail. I’ve also added a chapter which will give you a simple overview of my braid setup. Over the course of

Master the fundamental principles of rendering with world’s first GPU based renderer. Covers features up to version 2.11 Table of Contents: 01. Program Overview – Dialog Panel – Live Viewer – Octane Settings 02. Materials – Creating Materials – Diffuse – Glossy – Specular – Mix – Portals 03. Shaders – Overview – Color and

This training covers the process of building a highly detailed sci-fi power module and it’s surrounding environment entirely from scratch in Houdini. To model this scene we shall use a combination of poly modeling, NURBS, VDB and a little bit of VOPS. This training will also help highlight the advantages of having a procedural system

You can model almost any form imaginable with the AutoCAD 3D toolsets. In this project-based course, Scott Onstott teaches you the techniques required to solve complex modeling challenges in AutoCAD, while focusing on an innovative ebike design. Learn how to create each 3D component of the bicycle model, including its frame, belt-tensioner mechanism, drivetrain, power

The purpose of this training is to make a variety of texture based objects via the various procedural textures and patterns available in Houdini. We shall then bake these objects out to textures using the Houdini bake ROP and use them to build shaders in any other render engine. We shall build textures using a

Learn how to create stunning renders with Redshift for Cinema 4D. Follow along as Trevor Kerr from Man vs Machine teaches you all the features, and Chad Ashley guides you through a project workflow. Are you ready to learn about all of the Redshift render features? The Greyscalegorilla Guide to Redshift is a training series

In this class, you’ll be able to create an infinite amount of complex organic forms using X-Particles, a third party plugin within Cinema 4D. PROGRAMS NEEDED: Cinema 4D Photoshop X-Particles (3rd party plugin only necessary for first part of class and NOT essential to follow along) Going over everything from: Layout Camera Settings Modeling X-Particles

Info: Summary All the secrets to creating an amazing car in Blender are packed into this step-by-step course. Over 15 years of experience and 6 months of development bring you a Blender training course like no other. I’ll take you through every step of the creation process for creating a Corvette Stingray, including modeling, shading,

Info: The purpose of this course is to teach you the basic concepts of Vectorworks. It is always tempting to try to avoid these basic concepts, but these are the ones that make you truly effective at Vectorworks. It is tempting to try and avoid this course and go to a more advanced one, but

Info: What Will I Learn? Create your own designs Edit your photos Work with Photoshop CC 2018 Requirements Photoshop CC 2018 Description This Photoshop course starts with you from scratch until you become a professional starting from how to add and export files until creating a professional full designs and all of that is in

In this course you will learn how to model high quality furniture. This course is a combination of simple and advanced techniques. Furniture industry is very big and furniture companies increasingly use 3D visualization of their products. I know this from experience since I am working in a company of a similar type. So this