Boat in a Storm Houdini Course

In this 10+ hours of quality content, recorded in 4k you will go into a deep dive in Houdini Flip Simulations and as a bonus, you will also receive a production-quality boat, with 4k textures.

If you want to bring your fluid skills to the next level this is the perfect course for you. In this course, you will learn how to approach fluid simulations in a systematic way, breaking our shots apart, separating all the individual elements, and merging them together seamlessly. You will learn how to design your flip, animate the boat procedurally, use rigid bodies solver, respecting the counter forces of the ocean and the center of mass of your ship. We will go through integrating your simulation into the large background ocean. You will learn how to simulate whitewater, both in the foreground hero splashes but also in the background ocean. And of course, the misty layer – who does not love some mist in a storm?

And even though this course subject is a boat in an ocean, the tools and skills you will learn here will make you confident in approaching any type of flip simulation. 

And I have a bonus for you. Yep, that is right. This amazing high-end boat, which I modeled myself, is included with your course files.

I created this course following what I believe is the best way to learn Houdini. It is all about solving problems and understanding the concepts behind the tools we have available. I didn’t just create a scene for you to copy the parameters. I want you to fly solo after this. I spent a lot of time optimizing this course so you don’t waste yours. Every recorded minute is valuable information. When I do a repetitive task, I choose a different method every time so you learn more ways of accomplishing tasks in Houdini. 

The Boat in a Storm course has been designed to give you the tools, the structure, and the methodology to develop and create your own complex environment, combining different simulations, and a lot of custom tools to optimize your scene and creativity will be your only limit. However, you’ll have to put in the time and work to see the results.

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