Blender Fundamentals Vol. 1-3 – Modeling, UVs, Texturing and Shading (Blender 2.82)

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Blender Fundamentals Vol. 1: Modeling
Dive deep into the building blocks of 3D. In this series you’ll explore Blender’s modeling tools and learn essential modeling workflows while you construct a magical environment.
Blender Fundamentals Vol. 2: UVs
UVs are the first step to applying textures to your models. They can often be tougher than what they need to be. We designed this series around a simple workflow that makes it easy to unwrap your 3D models.
Blender Fundamentals Vol. 3: Texturing and Shading
Ready to take your Eevee skills to the next level? Get there by having a strong foundation in these professionally developed fundamentals of texturing and shading. You’ll learn how to create consistent, believable worlds with these production techniques.

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