Blender 2.8: Turn your 2D drawing into a 3D model using Grease Pencil

Year of issue : 2018
Manufacturer : Gumroad
Manufacturer website : https://gumroad.com/l/UeduO
Author : Jama Jurabaev
Length : 03:24:22
Distribution Type : Video Tutorial
Language : Russian, English
Description :
This course demonstrates the workflow for converting Grease Pencil sketches / drawings to real 3D geometry that can be rendered and textured and exported from Blender.
This workflow demonstrates a 3D modeling technique that speeds up the process of creating final renders from sketches.
– Create 3D car from 2D sketch
– EEVEE Real Time Engine Basics
– Create a 3D creature from a 2D sketch
– Creation of parts on a flat surface
– Create 3D vegetation using flat drawings

Chapter1_01 – Grease Pencil to Geometry.mp4
Chapter1_02 – Jet timelapse.mp4
Chapter1_03 – Eevee Setup.mp4
Chapter2_01 – Creating a dinosaur from sketch to 3D.mp4
Chapter2_02 – Dinosaur addional demo timelapse.mp4
Chapter3_01 – Suggestive detail.mp4
Chapter3_02 – Space suit timelapse.mp4
Chapter4_01 – Surface offset.mp4
Chapter4_02 – Helmet timelapse.mp4
Chapter5_01 – Creating foliage.mp4
Chapter5_02 – Creating foliage additional demo timelapse.mp4
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