Allegorithmic Substance Designer 2019.2.3.2683 Win x64

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Changes v2019.2.3.2683

– [Bakers] Crash when baking using a skew map resource with an invalid link
– [Bakers] UV sets other than 0 are not taken into account on Embree
– [Bakers] ‘Bent Normals from Mesh’ outputs incorrect results with UV sets other than 0 on DXR
– [Bakers] ‘UV Set’ parameters are reset to ‘0’ value when reopening baking window
– [Bakers] ‘Position’ outputs a black image with UV sets other than 0
– [Content] Smart Auto Tile: sampling issue in 8k
– [Content] Atlas Splitter: Shape Detection fails in some cases, precision parameter should be exposed
– [Content] Pow does not return the right value in some cases
– [Content] Flood Fill to index: incorrect result when published to sbsar
– [Library] Crash while loading the session’s first SBS package
– [Library] ‘Show Resources in the Library by Default’ setting is ignored for resources imported directly into the Explorer panel
– [Console] Unexpected message in the console when using the node menu
– [Parameters] Cannot remove single entry in Output usage list
– [3DView] the scene is not reloaded correctly when the scene file is modified on disk[Graph] Node menu filtering is incorrect when using Value outputs

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