Adobe Photoshop CC 2020 v21.0.0.37 Pre-activated

  • 7 months ago

Please read before installing!

Here we have a bit finnicky new way of cracking PS 2020

– If you already installed PS 2020, un-install it.

– Unzip Enable internet, install it using any bogus Adobe account. (Don’t use your email, use any newly generated dummy Adobe account.)

– Once installed. Open Task Manager and close all instances of Creative Cloud and Adobe running processes. Without closing active instances you won’t be able to install PS 2020.

– Go into Setup (Pre-activated) folder and run Setup.exe as Admin.

– Important: You must run Photoshop 2020 online, by allowing outgoing. Do NOT block via firewall and do NOT go offline before running. Otherwise after splash screen it will crash instantly. There will be no need to insert anymore account, no expiration, all features are activated and working fine.

Tested on Win10 1903


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