5 Design Factors to Enhance the User Experience of any Web Audience

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5 Design Factors to Enhance the User Experience of any Web Audience

World wide web is not just a platform for people to enjoy movies and games as businesses around the world also use it to get a head start to market their products and services. Businesses can now reach a global audience without spending on the marketing aspect in each country they are trying to establish their business. Several brands now vie for the attention of their target market, but only those succeed who have a brilliant online presence.

Website design, thus, is an important factor in the success of any business. But not every company knows how to slay its website to get maximum eyeballs. There are certain design factors that businesses need to keep in mind to make things easier for them in terms of offering the User experience everyone looks forward to.

The following are five design factors that really enhance the user experience of web audiences.

  1. Placement of the Logo

This is one factor that most businesses online don’t take seriously. There are certain factors for which placement of the logo is necessary. Starting with the logo, not many companies know how to create a logo that can make the heads turn. Famous logos like Nike and McDonald’s are etched in the minds of people across the globe due to their uniqueness. And that is what is required for every business so that they can also get a brand recall for their target audience just through the mention of their logo.

Coming back to the placement of the logo, it is more than just meets the eye. If you don’t know how to place the logo appropriately, even a unique logo will not have much effect on the visitors. The logo must be placed accurately and without distracting the visitors from the content of the website. Another important aspect is the uniformity in placing the logo. If you will place your logo on the top left of the homepage, be sure that on every page it is placed exactly like the homepage.

  1. Presence of a Search Bar

If you think that you have included everything on your website right on the homepage and your users won’t need anything else, you need to revisit your strategy. The search bar is important for users to find any information they are looking for instantly. You may have offered everything on the homepage but think about a visitor looking for a specific product. He will have to look through the entire page to find it. A search bar will make his task much easier so that he can simply type what he is looking for and will get to it quite easily.

In most of the websites search bar is placed on the top right hand of the page. So, place the search bar at this place as everyone is familiar to find the search bar. All the search icons are in the shape of a magnifying glass so that they will not have to go through the whole page to find what they are looking for.

  1. Correct Use of Fonts

There are certain aspects which are related directly to the User experience of the visitors. The use of inappropriate fonts is also one of them. This is a glaring mistake from a designer as he tries to apply a drastic measure to give the website a unique look. There are several examples in which the designer, in his bid to come up with a retro design, used a font that gives the website an amateurish look.

For example, the use of brush script and comic sans fonts are a good example of how to waste your precious chance of impressing your target audience. The two font styles mentioned are simply out of fashion and retained in these fonts will look childish and designed by a person who doesn’t know the latest trends. So, refrain from using such fonts on your website.

  1. Refrain from Using Inappropriate Images 

The use of stunning images and graphics always takes the graph of a website high. In a similar fashion, the use of inappropriate images can take the graph down also very quickly. For example, if your web portal is all about leather jackets and you will display raincoats instead, then you can think about the impact that it will create on your target audience. Surely, they will look somewhat similar, but anyone who has a keen eye definitely will notice this, and you know the consequence after this.

There are certain images or text that may be inappropriate to use for a target audience in a particular city or country. For example, if you Are targeting the city of Dubai or UAE, you need to check your images during some holy months like Ramzan and Muharram. People use to fast and are engaged in any other activities that are termed sacred. So, if you will use images that are too bold or having scantily clad men or women just to sell your product, this can put off some users.

To make sure that your website has this mistake removed, always go for a website design dubai company having extensive experience in handling issues like these.

  1. Complicated Web Forms Can Hurt Businesses

A form is a good way to have the visitors of your website engage with you. You can think of multiple aspects related to your website for which your potential customer must be eager to know. Through a form, your visitors have the opportunity to get in touch with you to ask any question, post a comment, or offer feedback for your website or the products or services you are offering.

Businesses need to take care of just one aspect of this concern. This is about making the form as user friendly as possible. Don’t ask the user who is just trying to give you his feedback about his phone number or his residential address. Just the email address or any social media ID is enough. Make it easy for everyone to get in touch with you rather make it extremely difficult for them to fill out the form, as most of the visitors will simply not fill the form and leave your side.

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