Typing Master Pro Final

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Typing Master Pro is an interesting and educational software that can increase your typing speed up to 4 times. This software teaches you how to use all the keyboard keys effectively. This software will practically take away your ability by using various exercises and interesting games. Taking professional tests from you is another feature of this powerful software. Having the speed of action in typing is one of the advantages that many users are interested in, if you are also one of the people who are looking for a solution. You are fast to increase your typing ability, it is a convenient and easy solution to use this software, this software shows you the exact amount of your progress in the form of charts and … by the graphic statistics that it offers. This software can be used as multiple users and at the same time several users can improve their typing ability.
Typing Master Pro software capabilities:

Optimizing the duration of the activity in such a way that the time of doing the exercises is determined based on your progress in accuracy and speed.
Define a specific goal and level for the user that does not complete the accuracy of this step of the exercise before reaching that level.
Provide detailed and useful tips instantly in the software environment
Analyze your activities using satellite
The software takes into account your weaknesses and strengths over time and informs you of them and your progress.
Learn how to use the entire keyboard, even symbols and Numpads
See your progress on a graphic chart over time
Multipurpose exercise plan in different environments
Professional typing test compared to the first levels of the world and get a complete report of your performance

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