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3DBrowser for 3D Users 14.25


Main 3DBrowser window showing 3D file thumbnails using the custom view mode that gives some useful details about the files3DBrowser for 3D Users is a browser for your 3D, photo, video and audio files. This is a fast and powerful media manager to browse thousands of files thanks to its thumbnails window. You’ll find user friendly features to display, organize and edit your 3D and images files. You’ll get the most complete tool to document and find your files on your computer or your local network.

3DBrowser recognizes more than 60 images and videos files format, many 3D files format and most of the audio files format:

  • Fbx (Autodesk FBX)
  • C4d (Cinema 4D)
  • 3ds (3D Studio)
  • Obj (Wavefront)
  • Max (3ds Max through a provided plugin)
  • Xsi (Softimage through Crosswalk)
  • Skp (Sketchup)
  • Dae (Collada)
  • Mb, Ma (Maya, through a provided plugin)
  • Stl (Stereolithography)
  • Lwo, Lws (Lightwave)
  • Lxo (Modo)
  • You can select multiple folders from the main window and display the images or the 3d files contained in that folders. A filter field allows to display only some files (in this capture, we filter the files using the logo word. As a result we view only the files that contained logo in their name or in the IPTC, XMP or EXIF metadata)X (Direct X)
  • Dxf, Wrl, Ply…
  • Jpeg, png, gif, psd, tiff, bmp (more than 60 popular image formats)
  • Digital camera raw formats
  • Mp3, wav (audio files)

Browse your folders in a wink

Display in the same window the files located in several folders: this is very useful to take a glance at your whole scenes or photos library.

Browse scenes stored in your ZIP archives without decompressing them.

Display your files the way you want:

  • Small thumbnails to browse thousand of files in a split second.
  • Main 3DBrowser window displaying 3D files contained in several folders and filtering this content. In this view it shows only the zip, skp and 3ds files. Note that 3DBrowser also previews zip files when it contains an image or a scene.A customizable display mode to view the information you need such the width and height of your images, the number of faces of your 3D files or the title and the length of your MP3 files.

For your comfort and a better navigation, 3DBrowser fits all your needs by:

  • Sorting the files at your convenience (name, picture-taking date, user-defined)
  • Filtering the files as you want (I.e. display only images or 3D files or *.jpg and *.html files starting by A)
  • Grouping files together using logical criteria.

3DBrowser rotates automatically your digital camera pictures and also handles renaming and deleting files that share a given name but have different extensions (i.e. example.jpg image and example.wav sound).

3DBrowser includes extra tools such a folder tree size view (ideal for cleaning your hard disk), an uppercase/lowercase filename conversion, a file splitter for your large files…

View, modify and edit your photos and 3D files

Main 3DBrowser window displaying 3D files contained in several folders and filtering this content. In this view it shows only the zip, skp and 3ds files. Note that 3DBrowser also previews zip files when it contains an image or a scene.Open your 3D files in the built-in OpenGL viewer.

You display the scene using one of the many rendering mode and selectthe best point of view for creating the scene thumbnail. You clearly see the scene hierarchy and the materials. You’ll find the tools you’ll need every day:

  • Scene conversion from/to many file formats
  • Textures or vertex colors display
  • Mesh subdivision display and conversion (patch)
  • Unify or flip normals
  • Merge near or confused points
  • Mesh optimization using Polygon Cruncher (license including Polygon Cruncher)
  • Slides show
  • Print
  • Edit material and display a complete report about objects

Open your images or your videos in the built-in viewer.

You clearly view the layers of your images (I.e. alpha channel) and can use one of the many available tools:

  • An image viewer displays most of the existing image formats, including HDR image files (exr for example). The viewer displays transparency areas image (alpha channel). It includes many editing features such red eyes correction, image conversions, rotate to horizontal feature, liquid resize...Crop & resize
  • Image conversion from/to many file formats
  • Horizontal or vertical image’s axis alignment
  • Colors adjustment
  • Image bending
  • Filters
  • Slides show
  • Print

You can also play your videos in full screen and extract images from your favorites movies.

3DBrowser also plays your audio files and allows MP3 tags edition (album, track, length…).

Optimize your 3D scenes with Polygon Cruncher

Polygon Cruncher for 3DBrowser allows optimizing any one of the 3D files recognized by 3DBrowser.

Polygon Cruncher for 3DBrowser reduces the number of polygons of your objects without changing their appearance. You keep all details even at high optimization ratio. You also keep texture information and vertex colors.

Polygon Cruncher is included in 3DBrowser. This mesh optimizer allows to simplify million of polygons scene. It keeps textures, normals and vertex painting. A batch module is also available.You see the scene as long as you optimize it in order to choose the best simplification level. You can also batch optimize scenes stored in a folder and automatically decline them at various levels of details.

Polygon Cruncher uses an exceptional algorithm, which gives incomparable results, really better than what you can get with optimizer provided with 3DS Max or Lightwave.

Polygon Cruncher is really simple to use. This multi-awarded software is used by most of the 3D and video game companies.

Process a set of files using batch processing

Automate the tasks you perform regularly and process a set of files in a wink.

You wish to convert a set of images to JPEG quality 60? To create images from your 3D scenes? Clean scenes you get from the web?

Select a predefined macro or create your a macro command that matches your needs.

Organize your files efficiently

3DBrowser manages IPTC, EXIF and XMP metadatas. A window allows to edit the meta-data (keywords, description, notes, subject...) for your images or your 3d scenes. The meta datas are exported automatically to your files and the update of this data is transparent for the user. 3DBrowser also allows to export these data to a text file, to search or to filter among your images and 3D scenes using the metadatas.To organize your files you must first know them! 3DBrowser gathers information contained in your files:

  • EXIF tags for digital photos (giving a precious information on the picture-taking condition)
  • Faces and points number, materials for 3D files
  • MP3 tags for audio files.

You can also document each file using keywords or one of the many available information fields (author, legend…).

These information can then be exported back to the file metadata (EXIF, IPTC, XMP).

You also use them to customize the main window and select the information you want to display.

This information can be printed in a contact sheet, displayed in a slides show, used to perform a targeted search, or imported/exported from/to an external database.

Win flexibility and save your time using albums

The album feature allows you to gather files located in different folders into a single catalog. Your files are not duplicated unnecessarily as an album only contains references to them.

Once your album created you can perform any operation such editing file information, printing a contact sheet or batch processing its content…

The albums are the ideal solution to organize the same files in different contexts, without creating copies of your files or modifying their organization.

Advanced search

Nothing is easier than to gather in a same album the images of your computer (or your network) taken between July and August 2003, having “holidays” as keyword and whose width is larger than 1000 pixels! 3DBrowser does it for you instantaneously using the search feature.

Save the search result then perform any operation such editing file information, printing a contact sheet or batch processing its content…

Moreover: you can search on your local network! You have many files spread over several computers? The folder repository feature is your solution: finding your files, whatever their location in the network becomes a play of child.

Print your files as you wish

3DBrowser prints contact sheets from your images and your 3D scenes. It is possible to print a description under each images using IPTC, EXIF or XMP metadata or using the information associated to your files (materials, polygon count...).Printing several files on a page

Nothing is easier than to print a contact sheet of your images and 3D scenes.

The catalog printing module enables you to edit and preview accurately your parameters by giving you a perfect control on the page setting: font sizes and colors, header and footnote, number of images printed on each page… A specific text can be added to each printed image such a title, a description or the file’s size.

You get very personal printings by including background images and playing on their opacity. Then you can save your page setting in predefined templates for a later use.

Printing a single file

You can also print a single image or a single 3D scene using the printing feature included in each viewer. You control the image position and its size on the paper…

In each printing module, you’ll save your paper thanks to the print preview.

Make screen captures or record your screen

Capture still images on the fly or record your screen using the screen capture feature. Select the area orthe window to shoot and let’s go! All your actions are recorded in the select video format (I.e. Divx).

3DBrowser integrates also many other features such the image and video screen capture. Define the area you want (screen, window or pre defined zone), capture or record it then save it to the image file format of your choiceThe screen capture tool is one of the most powerful of the market: capture a window or a defined area, magnifier to assist with pixel-by-pixel cropping, capture preview, application live-state mode enable you to communicate visually with your entourage.

Export Slide Shows

You’ll enjoy to share these precious memories with your friends using one of the following tools:

  • A slides show:
    Project your favorites photos or 3D meshes in full screen. Slides appear smoothly using fade in-out transition. Each slides might be annotated at your choice with a title, a description or file’s information.
  • An executable slides show:
    Create a compact and independent application, which contains your slides show. Associate sound to slides, add texts and present your documents in a really pleasant way.
  • A personal email to your best friend:
    Convert your images or your 3D scenes automatically and reduce mail’s size using the Send email feature. Original files are not modified; temporarily files are created then deleted once the mail has been sent.
  • 3DBrowser also creates animated gifs in few click from a set of images.An Internet slides show:
    Export your images or your 3D scenes to the web, using the HTML exportation feature. Select one of the HTML templates then 3DBrowser takes care of all. If the presettemplates are not appropriate to you, edit your own templates. Specific html tags allow the creation of advanced templates, which can include frames or JavaScript code.

And so much more…

3DBrowser for 3D Users offers a wide range of advanced features, increasing the choice every day thanks to the regular updates. Rename a set of files, manage favorites, create AVI or GIF from an image sequence: there is no limit. No other software gives you so much daily services!


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