MooTools PolygonCruncher 12.5/Win

Automated optimization …

The command line version is the easiest way to include an optimization process in your 3D pipeline.

Polygon Cruncher exposes all its features though the command line in order to batch your 3D assets from external processes. Using Polygon Cruncher Command Line allows to integrate 3D data simplification in your pipeline and to generate automatically LODs from your meshes or lighten your CAD or architectural scenes for easier sharing or real-time visualization.

The MagicCruncher option automatically determines the level of optimization offering the best compromise between visual quality and simplification.

Polygon Cruncher Command Line increases your productivity helping you to visualize complex projects or facilitating the publication of your assets on different media. Polygon Cruncher Command Line can be called on a local computer from the Windows Shell using a bat file or from a server.

All the switches are fully documented, and visual or textual log could be generated for validating the success of the process.

Polygon Cruncher Standalone

Polygon Cruncher Standalone is provided by default with any other Polygon Cruncher license (3ds Max, Maya, Lightwave, 3DBrowser, Command Line).

Polygon Cruncher Standalone is an independent software dedicated to 3D optimization that includes:

An interactive optimization through a built-in OpenGL window which offers a global optimization over the whole scene or provides a finest per-object control. MagicCruncher adjusts automatically the decimation rate depending on your needs.

A batch processing module for simplifying in few clicks the content of one or several folders. You generate different LODs from your 3D assets. MagicCruncher feature provides ready-to-use results without your intervention.

Polygon Cruncher Standalone for optimizing your 3D assets that come from various file formats (sketchup, wavefront, stl, modo, cinema4D…). This independent software also includes batch processing and MagicCruncher feature.
… Adaptable to your needs

The usual 3D formats are supported for importing and exporting your data, such as Maya, FBX, Cinema4D, Modo, Collada, Sketchup, Wavefront, STL, Lightwave, 3ds, etc …