Zbrush 2022 Character Likeness Sculpting Tutorial

Release year : 2021
Manufacturer : Udemy
Manufacturer’s website :
Boy : Victor Yamakado
Duration : 32:00:39
Handout type : Video tutorial
Language : English
Description : Are you looking for a course that will help you create characters that look like someone from real life in ZBrush?
Would you like to better understand how a realistic portrait or even a character is sculpted in ZBrush?
If so, welcome to this course. My name is Victor Yamakado, I have been doing 3d for 10 years. I mainly create character models for collectible figurines. In this course, I want to show you how I sculpt a realistic portrait of Anthony Hopkins in ZBrush. According to the same scheme, you can reproduce the portrait of any other celebrity. The ability to transfer a person or character from real life to the monitor screen in the form of a three-dimensional model is a very important skill that is necessary for almost every author who works with three-dimensional models.
I will help you improve your perception, help you open your eyes to working with references and how you can bring them to the screen. I will help you understand the most important features and anatomical features of the human face and transfer them to the screen. When working on Sir Anthony’s portrait, we will be working very closely with references and comparing what we have with them. Our main task will be to achieve maximum similarity.
This course is designed for people who already have an idea about ZBrush and know how to use it.
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