[XYZ School] Hyper Casual

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Year of issue : 2021
Manufacturer : XYZ Sсhool
Manufacturer website : www.school-xyz.com/hyper-casual
Author : Igor Zverev
Duration : 66: 22: 22
Distribution Type : Video Tutorial
Language : Russian
Description : As a result of the course, you will have your own published game.
You will make it completely yourself – from scratch to publication in the AppStore or Google Play.
You can then send a link to it to your friends, parents or future employers.
Neither experience in GameDev nor any special knowledge is required from you. We will learn everything along the way.

1. Unusual popular games. Types of games.
2. How the GameDev economy works
3. Play games and get smarter
4. How to find and analyze the idea of ​​the game
5. Create the first scene of the game
6. We create the basic mechanics of the game
7. Choosing minor mechanics
8. Monetization of games
9. Animation in Unity
10. Physics in Unity
11. Special effects in Unity
12. Creation of secondary mechanics for the game
13. Game interface
14. Feedback on the player’s actions
15. Testing the game
16. Meta game
17. Polishing the game based on test results
18. Creation of monetized content
19. Integration of advertising SDKs into the game
20. Analytics
21. Publishing a game in the app store
22. Advertise your game
23. Gathering statistics, analysis, planning updates based on actual data
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