XYZ School DraftPunk 2 2019, RUS]

[XYZ School] DraftPunk 2 (2019)
Year of issue : 2019
Manufacturer : XYZ School
Manufacturer website :
Author : Igor Dyatlov
Duration : –
Distribution Type : Video Tutorial
Language : Russian
Description : We will start by collecting the references correctly, continue with understanding and building the silhouette, learn to quickly understand the mechanics of the model, and color the geometry. You will make a finished draft of the model and try it in context. And then we’ll deal with sweeping, baking, and geometry texturing to get you ready for your game development work.
Added section 9. [XYZ Classroom] – Streams – Weekly streams with news, analysis of homework and theses.
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1. Blocking
2. Detailing
3. Simple asset
4. Technical stages
5. Textures
6. Feed
7. Thesis
8. Bonuses
9. [XYZ Classroom] – Streams

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