XYZ School Draft Punk 4.0 – Development of 3D models for games [2021, RUS]

XYZ School Draft Punk 4.0 – Development of 3D models for games [2021, RUS]

Year of issue : 2021
Manufacturer : XYZ School
Manufacturer website : https://www.school-xyz.com/draftpunk
Author : Victor Kotov, Anton Ageev, Dmitry Kopeikin
Duration : 262: 06: 21
Distribution Type : Video Tutorial
Language : Russian
Description : The aim of the course is to help you take the first step towards the profession of a 3D-modeler. In 6 months you will learn how to create models for games and deal with the technical part of modeling: all these high-poly, low-poly, sweep and bake.
The main value of the course is 160+ hours of practice. But more importantly, constant feedback. Result: 10+ drafts and 2 full-fledged models, which you will make according to all the strict rules of gaming studios.
Who is the course for?
– For beginners 3D – artists: You will understand the cycle of creating a model from concept to final presentation. You will make useful contacts and learn how to model so that later you will not redo it.
– For designers and 2D artists: Increase your income, because they pay more for 3D. Strengthen your portfolio. You will open up new opportunities for creativity and professional growth.
– For indie developers: You will learn how to quickly make simple but expressive models – so that you will be less distracted from development and not waste time on asset stores and marketplaces.
What will you learn?
– Create 3D models for games using the correct algorithm: first, shape and expressiveness, then sweep, baking and textures.
– Better understand how to use 3D software for modeling (Maya, Blender, Substance Painter, Marmoset Toolbag) and Photoshop.
– Cause a “wow-effect” among friends, HR`s and customers with the help of a beautiful presentation; post models to Sketchfab and Artstation.
Course Outcome
You will understand how the pipeline for developing 3D models works in game studios. Learn to create expressive drafts. You will understand topology, high-poly, low-poly, sweep and bake. The knowledge gained will be enough for you to work freelance or June in the studio.
Teachers will help you:
– Victor Kotov – Senior teacher of the course. 5+ years in game development. Versatile 3D artist: works with organics, Hard Surface and even glitch art.
– Anton Ageev – Worked with Nival, Game Insight, FuryLion, Playrix, Crazy Panda. His portfolio includes work on Blitzkrieg 3, X-Mercs, World of Tanks, Smeshariki, Gardenscpes, Stellar Age.
– Dmitry Kopeikin is a 3D artist with 8 years of experience. He started his career in a mobile game development studio. Created models for World Of Tanks, War Thunder, Escape From Tarkov and other famous projects.


1. Introduction to the course
2. Pipeline
3. Draft
4. Technical stages
5. Textures
6. Feed
7. Thesis
Draft Punk 4.png
General outline Draft Punk 4.png
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