WingFox Stylised Illustration – Blender 2.90 to Photoshop Process

Year of issue : 2021
Manufacturer : WingFox
Manufacturer’s website : https://www.wingfox.com/c/8345_893_3309
Author : Gavin O’Donnell
Duration : 14:04:16
Distribution Type : Video Tutorial
Language : English
Описание : In this tutorial, I will show you hoe I translate my ideas from 3D to 2D in a beginner friendly way. I will also discuss lighting, framing and setting up a strong base to paint over in Photoshop.

Chapter 1 – Introduction and Reference
Chapter 2 – Getting Started in Blender
Chapter 3 – Making More Pieces for Our Scene
Chapter 4 – Scattering and Vertex Painting to Save Tim
Chapter 5 – Organising Our Scene with the Camera and Layout
Chapter 6 – Using Quixel for Importing Assets and Textures
Chapter 7 – Lighting Our Blender Scene
Chapter 8 – Cloud Maps and Rendering
Chapter 9 – Setting Up Our Render for Painting
Chapter 10 – Working On the Background
Chapter 11 – Painting and Designing the Trees and Bushes
Chapter 12 – Adding an Asset Later
Chapter 13 – The Winter Trees and Rock
Chapter 14 – The Foreground
Chapter 15 – The Pathway
Chapter 16 – The Final Boss
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