Windows 8.1 Professional May 2020 Windows 8.1

Microsoft Windows 8.1

Microsoft Windows 8.1

Windows 8.1, also known as Windows Abby, was officially introduced by Microsoft with a huge flood of new features and finally with support for high-resolution screens. This Windows is an evolved version of Windows 8 that was released last year. One of the most important changes in this Windows is that due to the fact that users do not welcome the Metro user interface in Windows 8, this interface is marginalized and users are directed directly to the desktop screen after Windows comes up. New features in Windows 8.1 include the return of the Start button, a new search interface and changes to the user interface and new apps like Facebook and Flipboard, and other customization features.

Backgrounds are animated and you can put any image you like for the lock screen. The Bing Heroes search is now back with impressive graphics. Searching for celebrities like Marilyn Monroe will show you the full Screen interface with various photos and media along with the results of the traditional search. Like Apple, Microsoft has decided to upgrade the operating system to 200%, which means that developers need to update their apps to see images and text of Crisp.


  • The initial installation process for this Windows is similar to Windows 10 Boot, but will be displayed after installing Windows 8.1 ( Screenshot of the installation process )
  • prescription 32 + 64 Bit up 10 September 2019 Equal to 19 September 1398 Updated
  • 64-bit version up 12 May 2020 Equal to 23 May 1399 Updated
  • 32-bit version up to 11 June 2019 Equal to 21 June 1398 Updated
  • In this version NET Framework 3.5 – 4.8. is active.
  • Ability to install via boot UEFI Only in versions 32 bit And 64 bit Which is placed separately.
  • 32-bit and 64-bit versions of Windows have boot time 5 languages That should be the option ENGLISH US You must select.

Description for installation:

  • Windows Only From Through the boot Install.
  • Try Windows through USB And software Rufus Install.
  • To install DVD from software PowerISO And use at very low speeds.

64-bit version of May 2020
Download Part 1 with a size of 2 GB
Download Part 2 with a size of 1.7 GB
32-bit version of June 2019
Download Part 1 with a size of 1.5 GB
Download Part 2 with a size of 1.5 GB
Download Part 3 with a size of 274 MB
32 + 64 bit version of September 2019
Download Part 1 with a size of 1.5 GB
Download Part 2 with a size of 1.5 GB
Download Part 3 with a size of 1.5 GB
Download Part 4 with a size of 153 MB
Install Windows via USB
Activate Windows

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