Windows 7 SP1 AIO DUAL-BOOT April 2020 x86 + x64 Windows 7

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Microsoft Windows 7 SP1

Microsoft Windows 7

The name of the seventh version and the latest version of Microsoft's popular operating system, Windows, is that after the release of Windows Vista and the many noises that Windows made, Microsoft plans to release Windows 7 to eliminate all objections to Windows Vista. Release Windows as the new generation of operating systems for users.

Description :

  • Windows 7 version 32 and 64 bit the door 1 file iso Placed for installation. ( the image )
  • Updated to April 14, 2020 April 26, 1399
  • With IE 11 And NET Framework 4.8
  • Only install Windows via boot
  • The Windows installation environment is similar to Windows 10 in the early stages.
  • The reason for the small size of this Windows is file compression install.wim To install.esd is.
  • Windows is normal and enabled ( Pre-Activated ) are.
  • Including Diagnostics and Recovery Toolset 10 To troubleshoot and fix Windows problems.
  • Ability to install via boot There is UEFI.
  • software Rufus Recommended by the manufacturer for Windows installation.
  • Recommended version for installation, version Pro is.

Download Part 1 with a size of 2 GB
Download Part 2 with a size of 2 GB
Download Part 3 with a size of 2 GB
Download Part 4 with a size of 281 MB
Install Windows 7 via USB
Download with direct link
Windows 7 Windows Maker
Download with direct link
MSActBackUp supports licensing for Windows and Office
Association link
Get activator

Download video tutorial in Persian – click
Ask questions and problems

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