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Windows 10 Manager 3.2.5 + Portable Windows 10 Management and Optimization


Windows 10 Manager

Windows 10 Manager

Functional and powerful software for optimizing Windows speed, optimizing Windows startup speed and shutting down, repairing parts of Windows, clearing hard disk of duplicate and system files, fixing possible problems and improving Windows 10 security and thus better Windows performance It is in doing your activities. Windows 10 Manager has dedicated tools for analyzing hard drives, registers, and integrating drives and registers.

Windows 10 Manager allows you to customize parts of Windows such as It also gives Windows startup settings, home screen settings, explorer, desktop, taskbar, right-click menu, and more. Other tools for this software include running programs that run when Windows comes up, and managing network and Defrag connections.

Download with a size of 18 MB with Patch
Version without the need for installation (Portable)
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Download video tutorial in Persian – click
Discussion to choose the best system optimizer

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