• July 30, 2021

If you can, it is best to buy a new car – it will save you from the "lottery", in which any buyer of a used car involuntarily participates. But what to do if there is no opportunity to buy a new car and you have to choose a suitable model among used cars www.carzaamin.com?

In principle, finding a reliable and good second-hand car at the best price is not so difficult. To understand whether to buy a car is enough to simply pay attention to a number of specific details.

1. The ratio of the mileage and the condition of the passenger compartment

Now the process of "twisting" mileage is quite simple, so blindly believing the seller that the "real car mileage" is, of course, not worth it. If the odometer shows 60 thousand km from the power, and the steering wheel, seat, gear knob and other elements, whose operation is connected with permanent mechanical contacts, are noticeably erased, then the seller is undoubtedly cunning.

2. Thickness of a paint and varnish covering (LKP)

Having carefully studied it, you can easily understand if this car has got into a serious accident or not – during work related to a serious straightening, the car part is being painted anew, which means the coating layer is changing. The special device – the thickness gauge will help you determine the thickness of this layer.

If when checking the paint coating layer “walks” over a wide range, or you found a place on the car where the paintwork layer is one and a half millimeters (or more), this car was obviously restored at the vehicle station after the accident. With Toit whether to buy a car ? I think you yourself will answer this question.

It is also worth assessing not only the thickness, but also the very state of the LCP. Many car owners order a full abrasive polishing of the entire body before selling. However, the coating without any damage can withstand only a few of these polishes, after which the top coat of varnish simply … disappears.

3. Body geometry

What other cars are not worth buying ? Those that have a broken body geometry. First of all, it should be checked when you purchase a car older than ten years (especially if it is a Mercedes, BMW or another premium segment). To do this, drive the car to the stand where they do the wheel alignment and ask the master to set all the wheels to the required angle. If he does not succeed – it means that the “skeleton” of the car like cultus is deformed, and it will be bad to obey the steering wheel. And nothing can be done about it: if the suspension or the engine can be restored or changed, then you can’t fix the disturbed geometry.

4. Customs clearance

When we talk about what kind of cars you should not buy, then it is impossible not to mention about non-customs cars. This car will bring many problems associated with the customs bureaucracy and, in addition, for the customs clearance you pay a sum that "eat" all the benefits from the low cost of the car.

For example, now the car market is often offered cars with Belarusian or Lithuanian numbers, which are sold under a general power of attorney. It is important to understand that in the future you will not be able to officially sell or re-register such a car. And do not be confused by its low cost.


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