What is IDM Mean?


So this is a question most people really want to ask that whats is idm is idm stand for Internet download Manager yes yes you should ask why i need idm for download

stuff instead off any simple browser so let me tell you why

first its Boost your downloading from 40 to 100 like if you download with browser on 30 kb/s to 40kb/s with idm its boost it to 100/kbs so is that magic don’t me kid

no it doesn’t mean that if you have 1MB internet connection its Boost it to 2MB No its not its mean when you download with browser they just use your 30 to 40 % internet speed and downloading through idm they suck your all internet speed on one place like 100% which is really awesome

So if you want to download idm for free here

’s the link for you : [1]

So you can download free id from below link