• August 3, 2021

Watercolor Creator #2.
Now more realistic! The portraits now look really cool! Also, three type for images: Square, Horizontal and Vertical.

You need watercolor illustration but don’t have a time to learn to draw or how to use the next Photoshop action? The answer is Watercolor Creator! Don’t spend your time, just open this PSD file, add your image and get the watercolor illustration. The mock-up based principe. Easier than you imagine โ€“ no actions, no brushes, just one PSD file. All elements based on a real watercolor elements. 100% realistic effect. Huge gradient collection as bonus.

Its Easy. Just few steps give you awesome result
Three type of images: Square, Horizontal and Vertical
HQ 3402×3402, 5669×3402, 3402×5669
Any version of Adobe Photoshop from CS3


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