Warner Bros. – Sonic Implants. professional effects library sound CD (WAV)

Warner Bros. – Sonic Implants. professional effects library sound CD (WAV)

The library is designed for professional use in advertising,
dubbing feature and video films; in the recording of jingles,
radio shows, performances, electronic avant-garde music and
all kinds of screensavers. These discs are exact copies of the original
discs from Warner Bros.: Sonic Implants.
(all samples in WAV 16bit 44.1 kHz Stereo format)
Disc content:
CD 1
Alarms, sirens, crackle of static electricity,
the whistle of steam from rusty pipes, the abstract presence of invisible beings,
lingering groans turning into bass rumblings, swirling streams
air in ventilation shafts, atmospheric movements of unidentified
objects, howl of wind in iron fittings, space distortions, bifurcation
and connection of sound images, etc.
CD 2
Movement in the space of objects and mechanisms, receding and
approaching climaxes, voices of animals unknown to science, launching into
operation of engines of bulldozers and catapults, sounds of chemical reactions
various stages of completion, the movement of unidentified objects in the sky,
snippets of alien conversations, callsigns of spaceships, destruction
their plating in several places, firing blasters and RPGs, a set of codes
access to classified materials, amorphous evolution of metallic
structures under the action of hard radiation, etc.
CD 3
The movement of volcanic lava, blaster shots, electric shock discharges,
launch into deep space, bobsleigh, metamorphoses of consciousness, entry into the atmosphere on
different speeds, metal touches, transportation of dinosaurs, launch
jet engines, lashes, immersion in water, closing and
opening of jaws of dolphins, work of winches, electric saws, unknown
cutting mechanisms, time signals, etc.
CD 4
Sparking wires of power lines on insulators, switching modes
operation of mechanisms, movement through the engine rooms of ships,
peals of underground thunder, inversion noise, whistling of leaks in gas pipelines,
the appearance of water animals from the depths, the grinding of metal wheels,
howling of the steppe wind, movements of the earth’s crust, etc.
See **.nfo , **.diz , **.txt files for serial numbers and installation rules)
-Awave Studio v7.2 – multifunctional audio file format converter.
-PlayGIG v1.10a — a handy utility for listening to *.GIG, *.WAV samples.


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