VRay 5.20.00 For 3ds Max 2016-2022 Win x64

V-Ray 5.20.00 For 3ds Max 2016-2022 Win x64

Year / Release Date : 26 Oct, 2021
Version : 5.20.00
Developer : Chaos Group
Developer site : www.chaosgroup.com
Bit depth : 64bit
Interface language : English
Tabletka : present
System Requirements :
Processor – 1st Gen Intel® Core™ or compatible processor with SSE4.2 support (x64)
RAM – 4 GB RAM and 4 GB swap minimum – recommended 8 GB or more RAM, 8 GB or more swap file (Actual amount required will vary with scene requirements.)
Operating system – Microsoft® Windows® 7 (SP1), Windows 8.1, or Windows 10 Professional operating system
Autodesk® 3ds Max – 3ds Max® 2016, 2017, 2018, 2019, 2020, 2021 and 2022 (64-bit)
USB port – Required for customers using legacy hardware lock, preferably USB 2.0
TCP/IP – Only IPv4 required for distributed rendering is supported. IPv6 is currently not supported.
License Server – 4.5.1 or later
GPU Acceleration – NVIDIA CUDA with minimum required compute capability 5.2*: Maxwell-, Pascal-, Volta- and Turing-based NVIDIA card(s) with latest video driver or at least version 442.54; NVIDIA RTX with compute capability 5.21: RTX cards with latest recommended video driver or version 442.54; 2GB VRAM
V-Ray Production Denoiser – AMD or NVIDIA GPU supporting OpenCL 1.2;
NVIDIA AI Denoiser – Maxwell, Pascal, Volta or Turing-based NVIDIA card with driver version 441.28
Description :
V-Ray for 3ds Max is a field-proven renderer known for its versatility and ability to handle any type of project – from massive action scenes with thousands of lights to gorgeous still lifes. V-Ray for 3ds Max is the perfect solution for the artists and designers of the 3D industry.
Award-winning rendering technology suitable for projects of any complexity
For a truly photorealistic high-quality render, you need a render that’s speed-optimized and ready to scale. V-Ray allows you to work with both lightning-fast interactive and heavy production rendering, while making the most of your CPU and GPU processor.
The program is designed to create the most complex scenes
When you work with any scene – from the smallest to the largest – you always need a renderer that won’t let you down. Billions of polygons? Thousands of light sources? V ‑ Ray can handle everything. Responsive Lights, Proxy Objects, and Distributed Rendering are an arsenal of useful and field-proven features to help you out.
Post-processing renders without using additional tools
V-Ray is equipped with a full set of lighting, shading and rendering tools that are integrated with 3ds Max. The updated V ‑ Ray frame buffer with light blending and layered compositing allows only one tool to be used – no need to switch between different applications,.
Create interactive work in real time – in a 100% ray-traced environment
Render your ideas in 100% ray-traced quality without the need for additional optimization or conversion. Make changes to your project directly in 3ds Max and check your renders right away.
Learn more about Chaos Vantage
V-Ray is flawless when working with other programs
V-Ray is compatible with all the most popular 3ds Max plugins: Substance, Forest Pack, Railclone, Ornatrix, Tyflow, Phoenix and others. V-Ray is also ideal for any open standards workflow such as Alembic, OSL, OpenColorIO, and now ACEScg.



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