Unreal Engine Marketplace Bundle (Part VIII 2023)

Unreal Engine Marketplace Bundle (Part VIII 2023)

Official site: Unreal Engine
Distributed material: 3D Models, 3D Scenes, 3D Materials, Assets
Format: UASSET

From this pack there will be more and more material for UE 5.xx

This set contains a huge number of additional assets for Unreal Engine v.4.xx – 5.xx
The build includes assets such as: materials, sound effects, blueprints, visual effects, weapons, environments and much more.

Please note: You won’t find anything by the name of the topic on the official website of the market, because… This collection of assets is unofficial and hand-built.
Some assets by their own name can still be searched in the store and sold, but some can no longer be, please take this into account.

The material is provided for informational purposes only.
For commercial use, the material should be purchased separately from the author.

4 IN 1 Modular Research Facility Mega Bundle 5.0
105 Zombie Animations Mocap 4.27
Advanced AI Spawn System 5.0
African Animal – Giraffe 4.27
Asteroids Planet 4.27
Collision Disabler 5.0
Cybernetic Arms 5.0
Cyberpunk Girl 4.27
Cyberpunk Street Boy 4.27
Cyborg Mercenary 5.0
Doors and Windows collection 5.0
Dungeon Souls 4.27
Enemy Orc 5.0
Energy Ball VFX Pack (5.0)
Factory 5.0
FPS Weapon Loadout System 5.0
Frogs pack 5.0
Halloween Pumpkins 150+ variations 5.0
Hockey stadium 4.27
HQ Decorative Panels Vol. 1 5.0
Influence Spawn System 5.0
Insane Pack 01 – Game Assets + Extra 5.0
Journeyman’s Minimap 5.0.3
JUPITER – Sci-Fi Modular Environment Kit 5.0
Loop Smoke Niagara 02 4.27
MP System V3 5.0
MW Redwood Tree Forest Biome 5.0
New York City 4.27
Niagara Dash Effects 5.0
Ocean System for Rendered Cinematics 5.0
Pirates Island UE4
Pool Table with Neon Balls 4.27
Post Process Pro Pack 5.0
Procedural Oak Forest 5.0
Projectile Physics Plugin 5.0
ROG Creatures Mammoth 4.27
Runtime Vertex Color Paint & Detection Plugin 5.0
Runtime Vertex Painter 1.1 5.0
Sandstorm FX 5.0
SciFi Soldier 4.27
SixDOF Movement 2.01 5.0
Skinned Decal Component V2 2.3 5.0
Smokes and Explosion Realistic and Stylized (39 pcs) 4.27, 5.0
Soldier 5.0
SplashesFxPack 4.27
Stylized Swamp Forest 5.0
Super pack of skeletons 4.27
Survival Game Kit V2 2.2.17 5.0
Team Deathmatch Mode 5.0
TPS – FPS Character System 5.0
Undead Pack 5.0
Undead Shinobi 4.27
Volumetric Space Nebula Procedural Generator 5.0
Waterline PRO update 5.0
Zibra Liquids 4.27
Zombie Movement and Modular Interaction Animations 5.0


Distribution time: 24/7 (around the clock) (at least until the first 3-5 downloaders appear)

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