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Uninstall Tool + Portable Delete software installed on Windows


Uninstall Tool

Uninstall Tool

Test your fastest, most professional, safest ways to get rid of useless and useless Windows software with this software !! It is safe to say that Uninstall Tool is one of the best options to replace the Windows Add / Remove program. Uninstall Tool can perform software removal operations completely by removing all its accessories from the system so that no files related to the deleted program remain on the system.

Uninstall Tool software features

  • Complete cleaning of all unused software in operating systems using technology (using (Uninstall Wizard ™ technology)
  • Three times faster than Windows Add / Remove program
  • Support for three ranges: software, software systems, files and hidden folders in Windows
  • Clean software that runs automatically with system boot
  • Complete clearing of software that Windows Add / Remove program itself is not able to clean
  • Powerful clearing of remaining registry codes after clearing software
  • Display the latest software installed on the system
  • Display a complete and accurate list of all applied and non-functional software installed at the operating system level
  • Use of technology (Smart Search ™) to find the software quickly and easily
  • Display the specifications and details of the installed software Go to the system
  • Ability to store software detail report on HTML for easier use on the Internet
  • Full replacement capability instead of the Add / Remove program of the operating system and accurate matching with it

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Image of cracked software environment

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