Udemy The Impossible Domino Run in Blender

Release year : 2021
Manufacturer : Udemy
Manufacturer’s website : https://www.udemy.com/course/the-impossible-domino-run-in-blender/
Author : Lionel Vicidomini
Duration : 08:20:44
Handout type : Video tutorial
Language : English
Описание : In this Blender tutorial we will create an impossible domino run in a child’s room!
I love dominoes, but I am too clumsy to try the beautiful run that you can see on the internet. But I’m not clumsy in a 3D software and I chose Blender to create this scene that defies the laws of gravity!
Blender is the FREE software that everyone is talking about. Being free is not its most interesting feature. What is really great is that you can do EVERYTHING in a single software.
Indeed, we will track our scene, model the dominoes, render them, composite them and even add the sound without opening another software! No need for After Effects, Photoshop or even Paint to make the whole movie.
This tutorial covers all the steps you need to get the final result you can see in the video :

  1. Tracking the entire scene in Blender
  2. Modeling our domino
  3. Several techniques to distribute our dominoes and make them tumble…
  4. Using simple copies, modifiers, drivers…
  5. With Animation Nodes, the amazing free addon from Jake Luke that can turn Blender into Mograph
  6. Building the scene using the very powerful tools seen previously
  7. Rendering our shot, using Cycles, the excellent Blender render engine
  8. Texturing of the dominoes to make them as realistic as possible
  9. Compositing the shot inside Blender
  10. Removing the tracking markers with the compositor
  11. And to calibrate our scene without ever leaving Blender
01 Tracking the scene
02 Distributing and Tumbling Dominoes
03 Animation Nodes
04 Building the final scene
05 Materials and rendering
06 Compositing the scene
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