Udemy / Nikolay Naydenov Create a commercial 3D Game Character in Blender full course 2022, ENG

Release year : 2022
Manufacturer : Udemy
Manufacturer’s website : https://www.udemy.com/course/create-a-commercial-3d-game-character-in-blender-full-course/
Author : Nikolay Naydenov
Duration : 30:03:21
Handout type : Video tutorial
Language : English
Описание : So you were sitting there, waiting, all your life, to see first hand how a real 3D character for an actual game is created?
In real time with constant narration by a bald guy?
With nonstop life stories and super wise thougts by the grandfather of all 3d characters knowledge – Niko?
By the way this course is free in my Youtube channel, so buy it only if you really can spend the money :)!
You are in luck again! This course will give you the whole workflow process of creating a 3D character for game in Blender.
From high poly sculpting, hard surface modelling, retopology, Uv mapping to baking and texturing in Substance painter. As a bonus you get a bit more in depth Substance painter texturing, basic rigging, posing and rendering in Blender.
My name is Niko and i am 3D character artist with over 15 years of experience in the game industry. I have created lots of courses, all for 3D character creation and anatomy. This course i did with the permission of Gameloft and the character is for the game Heroes Of the Dark, available for Windows, Apple store and Android.
This is a real character for real game made entirely in realtime with all the hickups and problemsolving from a professional 3D character artist who talks alot all the time, so be advised!
As i said, the course is free on my channel in Youtube, so be careful to not accidently buy it!

01. Introduction.m4v
02. The Beginning.m4v
03. Making The Googles.m4v
04. Making The Body.m4v
05. Detailing The Body.m4v
06. Adding Base Clothes.m4v
07. Adding More Things.m4v
08. Making The Chain.m4v
09. Sketches And Early Concepts.m4v
10. Left Glove.m4v
11. Right Glove.m4v
12. Adding Borders.m4v
13. More Detailing.m4v
14. Even More Details.m4v
15. Applying Feedback.m4v
16. Hair And Life.m4v
17. Making The Weapon Pt01.m4v
18. Making The Weapon Pt02.m4v
19. Making The Weapon Pt03.m4v
20. Making The Weapon Pt04.m4v
21. Last Refinements.m4v
22. Adding Colors.m4v
23. Finishing The High Poly.m4v
24. Starting The Low Poly.m4v
25. Left Hand Retopology.m4v
26. Head Retopology 01.m4v
27. Head Retopology 02.m4v
28. Left Arm Retopology.m4v
29. Chain Retopology.m4v
30. Complicated Retopology.m4v
31. Upper Body Retopology.m4v
32. Love And Virginity.m4v
33. Weapon Retopology Part 01.m4v
34. Weapon Retopology Part 02.m4v
35. Weapon Retopology Part 03.m4v
36. Adjusting The Low Poly.m4v
37. Making Uv’s.m4v
38. Finish Uvs And Baking.m4v
39. Baking Fixes And Little Texturing.m4v
40. Lots Of Texturing In Substance Painter.m4v
41. Applying Textures, Rigging, Posing And Turntable In Blender.m4v
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