Udemy – Exterior 3D Rendering with 3ds Max + Vray

Designed for all levels of 3ds Max and Vray users, you’ll learn how to master 3D rendering and useful techniques used in 3ds Max to create amazing images. Here’s more detail about what you’ll learn in this 3ds Max and Vray Class…

Content Overview

We begin with the necessary foundation, which is with 2D plans. You’ll learn the quickest way to turn these 2D plans into 3D scenes.
You’ll learn how to quickly populate your scene like the professionals. Integrating scripts and plug ins for 3Ds Max to speed up your work flow.
Lighting is one of the most important parts of any 3D render. In this module you’ll learn how to set up a light rig that you can use over and over in all of your exterior renders.
From there you’ll learn to create materials and how to put these materials onto 3D objects. As a bonus you can download all the materials you will need from the resources section.
Once you understand everything that’s involved with setting up your scene in 3Ds Max, you’ll learn how to use Vray and what render elements you’ll need to make photo realistic images.
Once you’ve rendered high quality images, I will show you how to add the finishing touches in Photoshop. You will Also have access to download the PSD file I use.

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