Udemy – Course Develop Professional Videogames with Unity® 2018 & C#

What you’ll learn
Learn the work with Unity and C# from zero in a practical way
Learn the programming methodology
Create and programming a 3D platformer videogame with all the professional aspects
Programming the main character
Programming diferent kinds of enemies with artificial intelligence
Advanced systems of the game such as: items, life systems, obstacles, UI elements, checkpoints, scene navigation, etc…


Basic skills in computer
Managing digital files
Self interest in game develop and programming
Clear and logic thinking
Unity3D software (personal edition)


This course was designed so the students can master the elements of a professional 3D platformer videogame in Unity and with the C# language.

In this course you will see the complete functionality of Unity, the programming methodology and the C# language from zero.

Complete characters functionality, attack systems, graphic user interfase, life systems, navigation, final boss battle and virtual controls for mobile device and monetization.

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