[Uartsy] Sculpting Animals

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Year of issue : 2014
Manufacturer : Uartsy
Author : Steve Lord
Duration : 20 hours 50 minutes
Distribution Type : Video Tutorial
Language : Russian
Software: ZBrush 4R7
Description : Sculpting creatures, both real and imaginary, requires a deep understanding of animal anatomy, from basic structures to the most complex tissue connections. Improving these skills is a challenging obstacle for many artists, but at the same time, they are absolutely invaluable experiences. In this all-new masterclass from legendary sculptor Steve Lord, you will learn how to cope with all the challenges of sculpting anatomically complex animals, and create unrealistically believable and realistic creatures in ZBrush.
The 5 most important lessons:
1. Understanding how to dynamically sculpt biologically accurate animal anatomy.
2. How to sculpt detailed figures using advanced techniques.
3. How to sculpt stunning and detailed fantasy creatures using real-world animal anatomy.
4. How to sculpt the anatomy of a horse and dog from start to finish.
5. Sculpting and understanding the muscular and skeletal structure of animals.


Project 1: Preclass Bonus: Drapery
Project 2: Introduction to Animal Anatomy
Project 3: Creating a Dog Base
Project 4: Dog Cultivation
Project 5: Completing the Dog
Project 6: Creating a Horse Base
Project 7: Improving the Horse
Project 8: Polishing a Horse
Project 9: Completing the Horse
Project 10: Create Hybrid Creatures Using Real Animal Anatomy
Project 11: Sculpting a Believable Creature

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