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Trim Sheets for Game Artists (Blender 2.81, Substance Designer)

Learn the โ€œWhat, Why and Howโ€ of trim sheets to get you started quickly developing high quality environment assets as a studio Environment Artist! During this 4.5 hour course, you will go from being introduced to the concept of trim sheets to capturing a high quality render of your completed environment assets, and the entire pipeline in between!
Familiarise yourself with what trim sheets are, and just how much of a powerful tool they become to an Environment Artistโ€™s toolkit. You will learn when to use trim sheets and how to properly build and unwrap your assets to utilize these texture resources.
Procedurality will be a big topic in this series, allowing us to harness the power of custom parametric materials within Substance Designer. By developing our trim sheets with procedural flexibility in mind, we will effectively open up our designs for endless reusability, further expanding the use-cases of our assets and our resourcefulness as an Environment Artist.

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