Thinkbox Krakatoa v2.3 Cinema4D R15-R16-R17-R18 Free Download

The plugin includes important features such as:

-Point or voxel representation of particle data with various filter modes, motion blur and depth of field camera effects, and HDRI render passes output to OpenEXR files.
-Concurrent support for additive and volumetric shading models, with per-particle control over data including color, emission, absorption, density and more.
-Integration with the native particle systems of CINEMA 4D as well as with third party products like X-Particles by Insydium Ltd. and TurbulenceFD by Jawset Visual Computing.
-A powerful render-time particle repopulation option to produce high-density particle clouds from low count base simulations.
-Dedicated tools for creating “sticky” Camera Projection mapping for advanced dissolving effects.

Krakatoa for C4D was created as a result of the enormous amount of attention generated by a C++ API prototype of Krakatoa SR that was developed by Ugly Kid artist Daniel Hennies and his small team of developers that they showed at MAXON’s SIGGRAPH 2013 booth.
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Daniel: “I was quite overwhelmed by Thinkbox’s positive response to what we created. The tremendous enthusiasm and dedication from Thinkbox was spectacular; the new plug-in will enhance the whole experience for CINEMA 4D users and enable particle enthusiasts to take final quality to a new level.”

Thinkbox Software founder Chris Bond says: “CINEMA 4D has a storied history in motion graphics and is a rising star in the creation of feature film VFX; we’re excited to introduce ourselves to CINEMA 4D users and can’t wait to see how Krakatoa is leveraged by talent.”

“We recognize success for digital artists today depends on integrated solutions with the industry’s best tools,” said Harald Egel, MAXON co-founder and CEO. “Krakatoa is widely recognized as a leader in robust volumetric particle manipulation and rendering. The availability of Krakatoa for CINEMA 4D brings profound artistic freedom to VFX creatives.”

Krakatoa for MAXON CINEMA 4D is available immediately for Windows and OSX for CINEMA 4D R14 and higher. For more information visit here