The ULTIMATE Guide to Hard Ops and BoxCutter for Blender 2.83 & 2.9

The ULTIMATE Guide to Hard Ops and Boxcutter is an in-depth and easy-to-understand series of tutorials showcasing each tool, and WHEN and HOW to use it.

The course is split into 2 parts.

Part 1

Videos are broken down into short and sweet segments, and most are only a couple minutes long.

There are 47 total videos showcasing each tool, and after watching these you shouldn’t struggle with the tools any longer. We both know the struggle of learning these tools, so we made this course so you don’t have to.

Here is everything that is covered:

1) Sharpen

2) Bevel

3) Array

4) Mirror

5) Boxcutter Overview (split in to 3 videos)

6) Smart Apply

7) Mod Scroll

8) Step Bevel

9) Clear Sharp

10) Some additional tool remarks

11) Late Parent

12) (s) Mark

13) Curve Extract

14) Circle Tool

15) Dice

16) To Shape

17) EM Macro

18) ST3 Mesh Tools

19) Edit Mode Operations

20) Add Modifier

21) Mesh Tools

22) Twist 360

23) Radial Array

24) Spherecast

25) Autosmooth

26) Extra Tools

27) Auto Unwrap

28) Selection Options

29) Settings

30) Material Settings

31) Viewport Menus

32) Uniquify

33) HOps Helper Menu

34) Reset Axis

35) Selection Tool

36) Boolean Solvers

37) HOps Default Menu

38) Opt-Ins

39) Bevel/Boolean Helper Menu

40) Keymap

41) Subsurf Order

42) Hard Ops Settings

43) 2 basic examples before the modeling section

Please watch these tutorials first, or at the very least the tools you aren’t comfortable with. They are important for Part 2 of the course, which involves a practical modeling tutorial.

Part 2

In Part 2 You will learn how to model a SciFi off roader from scratch, using most of the tools we discussed in the first section.

There is over 10 hours of video content. This course could easily be completed in a day, but we’d recommend you space it out to avoid burn out. These tools are essential to understand.

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