[The Gnomon Workshop] ZBrush 2021/Introduction to Zbrush 2021

Year of issue : 2021
Manufacturer : The Gnomon Workshop
Manufacturer website : https://www.thegnomonworkshop.com
Автор : Madeleine Scott-Spencer
Length : 40:23:43
Distribution Type : Video Tutorial
Language : English
Description : Introducing ZBrush 2021 is the most comprehensive series of instructional videos available for the industry-leading digital sculpting software Pixologic. This 65-chapter, 51-hour-lesson workshop led by Madeleine Scott-Spencer starts with a quick start guide to get you up to speed. This is the perfect introduction for everyone from beginners to those who just want to know what’s new in the latest software release. The first follow-up tutorial in this workshop focuses on how to sculpt a bust of a character from a sphere while teaching basic ZBrush concepts like DynaMesh and how to use subdivision levels effectively, as well as demystifying ZBrush’s interface and navigation. In the next chapters, we’ll take a closer look at the ZBrush interface, including how to customize the interface and keyboard shortcuts, what are the important sculpting tools and techniques, and explanations of 3D alpha channels, custom brushes, InsertMultiMesh brushes, Array Mesh functions, NanoMesh system. , vector offset brushes – plus much, much more. All the exciting new features in ZBrush 2021 are of course included, including cloth, dynamic thickness, ZModeler updates like Edge Extrude, and new MicroPoly tools. Madeleine also discusses how to get started sculpting hard surfaces in ZBrush, as well as how to use polygon modeling tools like ZModeler, Topology brush, and ZRemesher. 3D printing enthusiasts will also be delighted to discover a chapter on the process of preparing a model for 3D printing using the Decimation Master plugin. Besides learning all of ZBrush’s impressive sculpting tools, this workshop also covers his robust 3D painting program. Madeleine walks through PolyPaint, UV Master and Spotlight, demonstrating painting techniques in detail, drawing on over 20 years of experience in the film industry. The chapters on lighting and rendering also walk you through the process of creating final images using LightCaps and HDR images, and how to render with ZBrush in KeyShot Bridge. In addition, Madeleine details the ZBrush material menu and how to extract maps such as Displacement, Normal, and Color, which are used in many film, television, and video game drawing pipelines. To help you understand this workshop, Madeleine provides you with useful project files that you can download and follow most of the chapters.

01. Introduction
02. Quickstart — Part 1
03. Quickstart — Part 2
04. Quickstart — Part 3
05. Interface
06. Custom Interface
07. Undo History
08. Polygroups
09. DynaMesh — Part 1
10. DynaMesh — Part 2
11. Import Mesh
12. Sculptris
13. Cameras
14. ZSpheres
15. Scale Master
16. HD Subdivisions
17. Hotkeys
18. Folders
19. Gizmo Primitives
20. Transpose Posing and Transpose Master
21. Lost Symmetry
22. Alphas
23. Noise Maker
24. Stroke Lazy Mouse Backtrack
25. Custom Brushes
26. VDM
27. 3D Alpha
28. InsertMultiMesh (IMM)
29. Frame Mesh Curves
30. History
31. XTractor Brush
32. ZModeler
33. Edge Extrusion
34. 3D Text Vector Shapes
35. ZRemesher
36. Mouth Bag
37. Topology Brush
38. ZSphere Retopology
39. NanoMesh
40. NanoMesh Clones
41. Array Mesh
42. Cloth
43. Polypaint
44. ZColor
45. Spotlight
46. Layers and Polypaint
47. Polypaint From Thickness
48. Adjust Polypaint
49. UV Master
50. Morph 3D
51. Generating Maps
52. GoZ
53. Photo Reference
54. Intersection Mask
55. Hard-Surface Sculpting — Part 1
56. Hard-Surface Sculpting — Part 2
57. ShadowBox Mesh Extract
58. ZAppLink
59. ZBrush To Photoshop
60. Snapshot 3D
61. Booleans
62. FiberMesh
63. Materials
64. Movies and Turntables
65. ZBrush To KeyShot
66. Decimation Master
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