The Futur – Carousel Design Free Download


The Futur - Carousel Design

The Futur – Carousel Design Free Download

Build an audience, grow your influence, and get the attention of clients on Instagram.
Carousels have become one of the most effective tools to grow an audience on Instagram and LinkedIn. But with more content creators rushing onto these platforms to cash in on social media gold, it’s increasingly difficult to stand out from the noise. So what can you do? Make high-value content people will naturally save, share, and engage with.

Difficulty Level

Beginner to intermediate


Basic knowledge of design software such as Keynote or Adobe Illustrator is recommended. Feel free to use whichever design software you are most comfortable with.

Learning Roadmap

Market your business through high-value content utilizing Instagram carousels.

Grow with every swipe.
Have social algorithms foiled your marketing strategy? Rather than hope for the best, Chris will take you through his content creation process and show you how to work with the algorithm to increase the engagement of each of your posts. He’ll take you from the macro-level (content strategy) to the micro (what fonts and colors to use for your specific post).

How this works
Craft Your Content Strategy
Tired of putting out content that gets buried by the algorithm? It might be your strategy. Chris shares his content creation workflow- how he tests ideas, determines what makes the cut, and what’s primed for longer content, like YouTube videos or courses.

Write First, Design Later
The key to engaging carousels is the writing. You’ll not only learn Chris’ framework for what key ideas to put on each slide, but also how to craft engaging hooks and a bit of word play that will force readers to just keep swiping.

Stick to Your Formula
You’ll pull together a color palette, font pairings, and photography and illustration styles that will give your carousels immediate brand recognition and cut down on production time.

Learn Layout Fundamentals
Not a design pro? No problem! Chris breaks down the essential elements of sequential design so you know exactly how to lay out your slides to bring your messaging and visuals together.

Use Instagram Best Practices
Get fresh ideas for growing your account by determining your grid layout, utilizing hashtags, guest posting, posting schedules, and putting your best self forward with professional headshots.

Expand Your Reach with Reels
The Instagram landscape is changing, which means Chris has been experimenting. Get his insider knowledge on what’s working in the world of Reels so you can squeeze all the growth juice out of the app.

Who is this for?
If you want to stay ahead of the curve and create powerful content that converts, this course is for you. You’ll learn the top tips and techniques to organically grow your profiles.
Maybe you’ve heard me say it before: you need to post regularly. But to be honest, consistency and frequency are just the tip of the iceberg to building your brand’s awareness on Instagram and LinkedIn. There’s so much more to it than pushing out content, waiting for the algorithm to notice us. Everything I’ve learned from content marketing has been distilled into this course. I’m going to teach you how to gain more followers, grow your brand’s awareness, and even create new revenue opportunities through your original content. You’ll have the tools, resources, and insight at your disposal so you can surpass your marketing goals.

The Futur – Carousel Design Free Download

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