• August 3, 2021

Mari is 3D painting without limits, combining the power and performance to handle even the most complex assets with artist-friendly 3D paint tools that make the most of your creativity.

Mari 4.6 brings updates to our Material System, introducing new Geo-Channels, alongside a vast array of new Procedural Nodes which offer a variety of patterns and filters for a more efficient workflow. We’ve collaborated with teams behind 3Delight and VRay, allowing artists to get closer approximations for their renders in Mari, reducing the need for round-tripping between Mari and Katana.

Developed by WETA Digital: Jack Greasley, senior R&D software engineer at Weta Digital recalls: “When Avatar production was just starting, Weta decided to do an evaluation of all of the available painting software … they simply didn’t scale up to the sort of detail Weta needed for Avatar. During Kong, they’d had to split models into small sections of four or five 4k patches to paint them. This resulted in 500 or more patches and was very difficult to manage. They then had to dice models up, paint, fix seams, rinse and repeat. Weta Digital’s need for a software solution that ran well on Linux, played nicely in the pipeline, and had a good UI, were other important considerations.”

The lack of an appropriate tool led Weta Digital to create something themselves – Mari®. The development was driven by the texture department’s requirement to handle the massively complex, highly detailed look development work demanded on Avatar. Mari was designed as a full 3D paint tool with the key objectives being responsiveness and a feature-set that put even the best, dedicated, 2D paint systems to shame. The name Mari comes from the Swahili Maridadi meaning ‘beautiful’ whilst also carrying connotations of ‘usefulness’.

standard Foundry RLM installation



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