Ten24 Blender Head & Skin Shader

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The Ten24 blender skin shader scene model was not cleaned up nicely and the SubD level 6 detail from the ZTool has reasonable detail but lacks the high level of detail that is gained by high resolution macro scanning of the skin surface. Using the defuse texture and pushing it through various filters and finally a high pass I managed to generate a detailed bump map that I then put through Knald as a height map to generate a concavity map.

Then in ZBrush I deleted all the SubD levels leaving me with the base low poly model. I then re-sub devided the model to level 7 giving me 34.597 million poly’s (This high level is important so we can sculpt macro detail). Importing the concavity map into the displacement channel, I applied the map as a displacement at a level of 0.01 to the model. This gave me the base shape with all the wrinkle detail as captured by the defuse map to work with.

Using macro skin data I downloaded from the Institute for Creative Technologies and the Surface Mimic database available from here and cgpeers I sculpted in new macro detail keeping in direction flow of the existing wrinkles defined by the concavity map detail. After around 4 hours of sculpting work I then deleted the lower 3 SubD levels on the model and did a 32Bit exr height map export and a 16Bit gray scale bump height map export. The reason I remove the lower levels is so that the height maps generated don’t have base model shape included, only the detail.

The bump can be blended with your glossy channel to give your speculars a detailed output and the 32Bit macro displacement blended with a 32Bit height map of the original SubD level 6 model gave me acceptable results that I found convincing.

I also cleaned up the original model and got rid of the eyelashes and hair displaced topology, giving me only skin surface to work with while taking special care not to remove any of the original scanned SubD level 6 detail. The defuse map was updated to include the serotonin discoloration that would have been there if the generated macro detail had originally come from the scanned model.

Refined SubD Level 6 Detail Model

Refined SubD Level6 Model with Macro Displacement

Refined SubD Level6 Model with Macro Displacement Vray SSS2

Included Content :
Textures @ 10000 x 10000:
Displacement 32Bit Float EXR,



Blender Complete Scene File With Textures



Only Displacement Texture

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