Superluminal Stardust 1.1.0 for Adobe After Effects

Modular Particle System

Stardust is a Modular 3D particle system for After Effects. It has an easy to use node based user interface and ships with a host of presets to create stunning effects.

ALL In One Tool

Render 3D Models

Take your particles to a whole new dimension. Render 3D models from OBJ Files, Primitives and Extruded shapes as particles, add some Image Based Lighting, Ambient Occlusion and you got super awesomeness.


Modular 3D particle system for After Effects.
One Tool, Single 3D space.

One click smart presets.

Replica, a unique effect, that replicates the particles in various ways.
Countless particle effects.
Emitters, Particles, Replica, Forces, 3D Models, Text & Mask, Maps.

3D models from OBJ files,  Primitives, and Extruded shapes as particle instances.

Image Based Lighting,  Ambient Occlusion, Physical Materials.
Space deformers, Sphere, Box, 3d Models, Bend, Twist, Maps, Black Hole.
Splines, animate-able, both as paths and emitters.
Containers,enclose particles in sphere, box or a 3D model.

GPU powered.


One Tool, a single 3D space, on one layer with endless possibilities. It is a full featured particle system with forces, fields, motion blur, DOF and much more.


A Breakthrough easy to use node based interface. Start with a preset or create your own nodes. Many emitters, particles and forces can be added, and have them all work in a single 3D space on one layer.


Create beautiful motion graphics by replicating particles in many ways. With Replica you can create unique looking designs, ranging from organic through technology and more.

Space Deformers

Sphere, box, 3d models, displacement maps and more are used to push, pull, enclose, color and move particles around. Black hole nodes can be used to attract the particles over time.

Smart Presets

Load an entire setup, node, or a single param. With a single click you can load stunning presets, and there are loads of them.

3D Models

Particles can be emitted along a 3D model’s vertices or from its volume.


Whether it’s a box or a sphere grid, with the unique easy-to-use modular workflow these are just starting points for endless paths. These grids can be manipulated in many ways to create arresting looks.


From particle emitting splines through 3D lines, these unique animate-able 3D splines, defined using After effects lights, create a multitude of stunning effects.

Text & Mask

Particles can be emitted from live text and masks, either from the volume or the edges. Paths can then be trimmed, offset and controlled using many more properties. Create never seen before effects.