Sue Bryce Photography – Flow Posing Man With Sue Bryce

  • 1 year ago
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Sue takes us through an exact replica of her flow posing shoot with a woman, but this time she modifies it for a man. Watch as Sue makes each small adjustment, taking the feminine poses and turning them more masculine. She teaches you how to make the poses flow and why it works. Flow is essential to achieve stunning, fashion-type portraits that don’t look stiff or forced. You will learn so much in such a short time with this course. She shares so much knowledge about posing including things you may not have even ever thought of. Things like never lining up a man’s chin and shoulder as you would a woman’s. Or, never having a man touch his body like you might have a woman do. You would want a man’s elbows and shoulders to be broad and boxy, whereas, for a woman, we are always trying to slenderize and soften. All of these tips, plus more, will help you during your photoshoots with your male clients. Plus you’ll learn over 50 poses you can do with your next male client – and don’t forget to download the posing guide!

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