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Streetview4D plugin
– Create your own panorama images using Google Street View.
– Use these panoramas to light your scene.
– Preset browser
– Max Image resolution: 13000 * 7500 (depending on the Street View resolution)

Grab your own street view URL

Go to your own town or visit the most beautiful places google has visited. Every panorama has a great 13000 * 6000 resolution and has a 360 view of the scene. Perfect for lightning your scene!

Google Street View Inside C4D

As you can see the panorama image works exactly like Google Street View webpage. It gives you a 360 view of the surrounding. This makes it perfect for lightning your scene! Check the example results below!

Paste it into the StreetView4D plugin

It will make a direct link to Google Streetview and lets you save your HDR on any location. This way you can always use it later on.

Use the HDR kit to adjust it

Now its loaded you can use our HDR expresson kit to place it into your scene. Adjust the rotation, brightness and much more.


NOTE!! :

It’s just for 50 euros, once you try it, please buy it and support the developers and their hard work. Yes I’m providing softwares/plugins etc here it doesn’t mean to keep on living on cracks. buy their plugins and support them, lets be fuckin’ friendly. to crack a plugin i’ve heard it takes a lot of fucking hard work just imagine how much hard work it’d take to actually “make something like this”

here is the link to the developer and their website.