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• Create multiple output compositions.

• LED tile feedback: checkerboard, outlines, cross indicator & more!

• Easily add your logo to the slices.

• Live position indicators.

• Change the color, scale, rotation of each slice with the input parameters.

• Remove tiles from you slice with ‘negatives’.

• Easily screenshot your mask, input and output compositions.

• Export XML to Resolume Arena 5 & 6, (inclusive rectangle masks).


• First of all create your input composition and output composition(s). (an ID text layer will be created that is linked to the resolution of your composition). After that, refresh the targets and select which output you want to send your slice to.

• Specify the properties of the slice you want to create, and hit the create button! (You can reposition your slices later, the position text layers will be updated automatically).

• After you are finished with creating and positioning your slices, you can simply export your compositions, mask and XML for Resolume in the export tab.

Trial Limitations:

• Limited to 3 slices.

• A limited slice surface of 25,600 pixels (160×160).

• No virtual slices.

• No negative tiles.

• No export.


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