SpeedTree Games Indie v8.4.0 Win

SpeedTree Games Indie v8.4 is the latest iteration of our award-winning 3D vegetation modeling software. SpeedTree for Games is now available with features from our top end modeler at a lower price.

Full PBR workflow and rendering. Supports non-destructive material editing in application.
Vastly improved export pipeline. Exports now run much faster and use far less memory.
Export to Unity, Unreal Engine, or Lumberyard.
Export static meshes. FBX and OBJ exports are included for the first time outside of a full license!
Photogrammetry tool support. Import and build on photogrammetry meshes that blend straight to procedural.
Access more than two dozen substantial improvements including a new art director tool, an overhauled mesh cutout system, decoration generators, and lifelike branch algorithms.

SpeedTree 8.4
This month we focused on multiple requests for export options and we’ve got an all-new SDK wind in SpeedTree for Games.

Feature List:
SDK Games Wind
Version 8 of the SpeedTree SDK implements a faster, one-draw-call capable wind algorithm. This version of the Modeler is the first to feature it is an option in the Games and Indie editions.

Opacity Tweaks
Opacity map boosting in the viewport for preventing screen dooring at lower mips when a2c is enabled has been improved.

TIFF exports switch to lossless compression
TIFF images exported from the Modeler now use LZW compression.

New data in XML exports
Model extents, the parameters for the currently selected wind algorithm, and near/far LOD distances are now saved in XML exports. Leaf reference mesh import transforms are stored as well.

AO adjustments
Refinements have been made to per-vertex AO computations to improve edge case scenarios introduced by oddly shaped models.

Bones in game FBX and raw XML exports
Bones can now be added to FBX or XML files exported via the games exporting system.

Per-Material atlas control
An option has been added to each material to force it into or out of the generated atlases.

Game atlas naming
An option has been added to set a user-controlled name for atlases generated during game exports.

Game export summary
A detailed summary of what got exported including geometry statistics and texture resolutions has been added to the game export system.

Extra help for exported tiffs
Compression type switched to LZW which is lossless and the most common compression method to help combat Adobe’s deflate compressed.

Atlas options
Added the option to force a material in or out of the atlas.

8.4 Bug Fixes
Crash fix: Multiple trees exported into one atlas
A bug that caused a crash when atlasing all open models together has been fixed.

Improved AO edge cases
Removed a bug in the AO computations causing some ground effects. Improved the regular ao ground effect.

Crash Fix: Growth bug
A generator set to “spine only” was causing a crash on growth export.

Bug Fix: Render Photo
Render photo adjusted to not change the mip settings for a tree file.

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