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Solve the problem of not installing or running compressed Blackbox games


soft98You may also have trouble installing or running the game after downloading a few gigabytes of compressed game by BlackBox.

The following article has been prepared by Soft98 to solve this problem for you and your efforts will not be wasted after a few gigs of download.

No installation steps

first stage

If you see an ISDone.dll or Decompression Failed error, do the following:

Download the ISDone.Zip file from the attachments section >>> and decompress it

Then go to the System32 folder (and if you're using 64-bit versions, go to the SysWOW64 folder).

If the ISDone.dll file exists, reset it to ISdone.dll.Backup

Then we transfer the downloaded ISDone.dll file to System32 and SysWOW64 folders

Then run CMD from the thigh menu and write the following command inside

RegSvr32 / s ISDone.dll

Then I play Inter

second stage

If this doesn't solve your problem, use VirtualClone Drive software to run the game's compact disc. Use the link in the attachments section.

third level

Try to have all versions of Microsoft Visual C edistributable on your Ryanton

The game is not running

There are several reasons for the problem in running the game

1. The game crack or the game itself has a problem that can't be fixed
2. Your graphics card is not updated
3.DirectX is not up to date
4.Nvidia PhysX is not installed on your computer
5. Some games require Rapture 3D. Try installing this as well
6. Try to have all versions of Microsoft Visual C Redistributable on your Ryanton

To view the download list, you need to enable your browser's JavaScript or disable the ad removal plugin, and then
Click on this section do.

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