Solid Factory, Anton Ilyin | SolidWorks. Basic course (2020) WEB-DL [RU]

Solid Factory, Anton Ilyin | SolidWorks. Basic course (2020) WEB-DL [RU]

Author: Anton Ilyin
Production: Solid Factory
Genre: 3d modeling, video course

This course is perfect for both those who are completely unfamiliar with SolidWorks and those who have studied the program on their own and would like to organize and systematize their existing knowledge. The training is built on the principle “from simple to complex” – the first lesson begins with an overview of the interface and basic commands, and upon completion of the training you will be able to create 3D models of parts and assemblies with various configurations, as well as draw up drawings of parts and assembly units and create product specifications.

Duration: 06:10:30
Video quality: WEB-DL
Voice language: Russian

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  • Lesson 1. Introduction and program interface
    In this lesson, the user will learn about the basic principles of working in SolidWorks: what is parametric modeling and associativity of a 3D model and a drawing, get acquainted with the program interface, design tree and command manager, and also learn how to control the display of a 3D model on the workspace.
  • Lesson 2. Working with a sketch
    This lesson is about creating and working with a SolidWorks sketch. In it, the user will learn what a sketch is and what it is needed for, get acquainted with the main objects of the sketch, learn how to add dimensions and relationships to it, and also learn some useful tips for working with a sketch.
  • Lesson 3. Working with a sketch. Continuation…
    In this lesson, the user continues his acquaintance with a sketch in SolidWorks: he learns what a defined, underdefined and overdefined sketches are, learns how to correct errors in sketches, as well as perform various operations on it and create arrays.
  • Lesson 4: Part Modeling Basics
    In this lesson, the user will finally create his first full-fledged 3D model. To do this, he will need to become familiar with the concept of 3D model elements and the basic tools for creating it.
  • Lesson 5. Basics of modeling parts. Continuation…
    In this lesson, the user continues to familiarize himself with modeling parts in SolidWorks and improves his skills. Now he becomes aware of new tools for creating solid bodies, such as path features, linear and circular feature arrays, mirroring features, and tools for working with threads.
  • Lesson 6. Creating assemblies
    Having gained basic knowledge of creating parts, the user becomes familiar with the basics of creating assemblies in SolidWorks. This lesson covers adding components to an assembly, manipulating components, and adding and editing mating conditions. In addition, the user will learn how to make cuts in assemblies and create patterns and mirror images of components, as well as correct errors in assemblies.
  • Lesson 7: Part and Assembly Configurations
    Configurations are undoubtedly a very powerful tool when working with 3D models of parts and assemblies; therefore, a separate lesson is devoted to this topic. In it, the user will become familiar with the concept and purpose of configurations, and will also learn how to create configurations of parts and assemblies in various ways, based on the task at hand.
  • Lesson 8. Creating part drawings
    In this lesson, the user will learn how to draw up drawings of parts from a previously created 3D model. All the main tools for working with drawings are discussed here, as well as the program settings are made to ensure that the drawing meets the requirements of the ESKD.
  • Lesson 9. Assembly drawing and specification
    The final lesson of the course is dedicated to creating an assembly drawing and product specification. In this lesson, the user will become familiar with the concept of model attributes, learn how to create them using the Property Tab Builder utility, and also gain a few more essential skills in working with drawings.
  • Lesson 10. Bonus lesson.
    10 SolidWorks life hacks.
  1. 01/30/2024 – replacement of video files of lesson 01 (Introduction and program interface.mp4) and lesson 03 (Working with a sketch. Continued.mp4) with video files without video inserts and sponsor watermarks.


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