[Skillshare / Nexttut] Blender 3.0 Modelling for Beginners 2022

[Skillshare / Nexttut] Blender 3.0 Modelling for Beginners  2022

Release year : 2022
Manufacturer : Skillshare
Manufacturer website : https://www.skillshare.com/classes/Blender-3-0-Modelling-for-Beginners/1264295139
Author : Nexttut
Duration : 17:15:06
Distribution Type : Video Tutorial
Language : English
Описание : Have you wanted to learn Blender and not know where to start? Then I welcome you to Blender 3.0 Modelling for Beginners class.
Why should you learn form me:
My name is Alejandro Aguilar, and I have been working in 3D art for about 7 years. I have worked on numerous projects, from mobile games to video production. My area of work focuses on understanding 3D at a technical level, so that I can then teach you in an easy-to-understand way.
Benefits :
By the end of this class you will be able to model hard surface robot type characters in Blender.
What will I learn:
– Blender Hard Surface Character Modelling.
– UV Unwrapping Robotic Characters
– How to render within Blender.
Is this class right for me:
This class is for you if you are a blender beginner and want to learn Blender modelling to model simple hard surface robotic kind of characters rather than complex organic characters.
Who is not the ideal student:
This class is not for advanced blender users, or who want to learn organic modelling.
What should I know or have for this class:
– A basic understanding of computers and know how to open a 3D Program.
– You should have Blender 3.0 installed on your computer.
If you want to learn how to use Blender 3.0, join me now and take your skills to the next level. Hope to see you in the class!

01. Introduction.mp4
02. Blender Navigation.mp4
03. Pre Visualization.mp4
04. Blockout.mp4
05. Modelling the Head.mp4
06. Modeling the Chest.mp4
07. Modeling the Back.mp4
08. Extra Back Detail.mp4
09. Modeling the Shoulder – BROKEN.mp4
10. Modelling the Torso.mp4
11. Modelling the Pelvis.mp4
12. Modelling the Leg.mp4
13. Modelling the Bottom Leg.mp4
14. Modelling the Inside Leg.mp4
15. Modelling the Chainsaw Base.mp4
16. Modelling the Chainsaw Blade.mp4
17. Modelling the Claw.mp4
18. Extra Claw Detail.mp4
19. Modelling Inner Parts.mp4
20. Polish Head Detail.mp4
21. Polish the Middle.mp4
22. Polish Legs And Arms.mp4
23. Polish the Shoulders.mp4
24. How to Unwrap.mp4
25. Unwrapping the Head And Back.mp4
26. Unwrapping the Torso.mp4
27. Unwrapping the Legs.mp4
28. Unwrapping the Weapons.mp4
29. Unwrapping the Last Pieces.mp4
30. Making Materials.mp4
31. Assigning Materials.mp4
32. Using Nodes and Smoothing Edges.mp4
33. Importing Images.mp4
34. Posing the Character.mp4
35. Smoothing the Head.mp4
36. Smoothing the Back.mp4
37. Smoothing the Torso.mp4
38. Smoothing the Legs.mp4
39. Smoothing the Shoulders.mp4
40. Smoothing the Claw.mp4
41. Smoothing the Blade.mp4
42. Setting up Lights.mp4
43. Setting up Camera.mp4
44. Render Image & Conclusion.mp4
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