[Skillshare] Create furniture in blender [2022, ENG]

[Skillshare] Create furniture in blender [2022, ENG]

Release year : 2022
Manufacturer : Skillshare
Manufacturer’s Website : https://www.skillshare.com/classes/Create-furniture-in-blender/2068701731
Author : David Jaasma
Duration : 02:18:00
Distribution Type : Video Tutorial
Language : English
Описание : In this class, you will learn how to Create furniture in blender.
Create a photorealistic chair with blenders main 3D modeling tools, but we will also use tools like the cloth modifier. With a basic knowledge of blender you can start creating amazing-looking 3D models.
You will learn how to:

  1. Search for the right reference images.
  2. Compile these images together and use them inside blender.
  3. Block out the main shapes.
  4. Create pillows and cushions using cloth physics.
  5. Create more intricate 3D models and shapes.
  6. UV Unwrap your 3D models correctly.
  7. Create realistic materials.
  8. Render and composite your final images.
1. Create furniture in blender
2. Class Introduction + Reference images
3. Outlining the Reference images
4. Scene Setup
5. 3D Blockout
6. Create Cushens with the Cloth Modifier
7. Fabric Seams
8. 3D Model – Backrest
9. 3D Model – Wooden Legs
10. 3D Model – Wooden Armrests
11. 3D Model – Frames
12. UV Unwrap – Fabric
13. Materials – Fabric
14. Materials – Wood
15. Rendering Final Image
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