Skillshare – Cinema 4D – High Quality Furniture Modeling

In this course you will learn how to model high quality furniture. This course is a combination of simple and advanced techniques. Furniture industry is very big and furniture companies increasingly use 3D visualization of their products. I know this from experience since I am working in a company of a similar type. So this course can be helpful to come closer to industry standards. Presented techniques in this course can be also of great help in high poly modeling of any type of products and objects. All learned techniques can be transferred to other 3D softwares.

What you will learn:

– How to model high quality objects
– Hard surface techniques
– Organic modeling techniques
– Subdivision surface modeling
– How to merge geometry
– Quad modeling tacticts
– Polygon flow
– Best way for modeling seams
– How to cut geometry to get realistic folds
– Modeling of stitches
– Tips and tricks
– Techniques transferable to other 3D softwares

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