Skillshare-Blender 2.8 – Darth Vader 3D Character Creation

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Course Topics

•Learn subsurf modeling to create the parts of the character (Helmet, Mask, Chest Armor)
•Create realistic metal and glass materials with simple node setups (Black Metal, Grey Metal, Silver Metal, Black Glass)
•Add objects with emission shader as lighting around the character
•Setup the camera and create some quick renders to find your favourite camera angle
•Create a high quality 4K rendering with Blenders path tracing render engine Cycles
Reference Images
•We will use blueprints with original dimensions as a reference for creating the 3D model
•These blueprints were only created for this course and are not available anywhere else
•I also suggest that you search for other reference images online to get an idea of what we are creating in detail

•You will receive my original .blend file with the finished project

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