Skillbox, Andrey Mironov, Ekaterina Voronina | Infographics for marketplaces (2023) WEB-DL [AD] [RU]

Skillbox, Andrey Mironov, Ekaterina Voronina | Infographics for marketplaces (2023) WEB-DL [AD] [RU]

Author: Andrey Mironov, Ekaterina Voronina
Production: Skillbox
Genre: Training course

You will learn how to create bright and catchy product cards for your store and to order. You can earn additional income or increase sales of your own brand on marketplaces.
What you will learn:
✅Analyze competitors. You will learn how to differentiate yourself from other sellers and make your product stand out from similar ones.
✅Make informative images. Learn to indicate the most important information about the product in infographics and not overload the cards with unnecessary details.
✅Work with graphic services. You will understand how to professionally edit photos and create a harmonious visual.
✅Use neural networks. You can improve the quality of images: increase the resolution and remove visual
✅Adapt cards for different platforms. Study the requirements of marketplaces and you will be able to redesign cards.

Duration: 05:04:51
Video quality: WEB-DL
Voice language: Russian
Advertising: Video overlays and inserts

You will learn all the nuances of working with infographics and create a selling product card.

Infographic: parts and definitions
Learn how the semantic and graphic parts of infographics affect sales.
You will understand the difference between triggers, theses and unique selling propositions.
Learn to analyze your competitors and find their weaknesses.

Preparing to create a card
You will understand how to form the correct context in the card.
You will be able to evoke the necessary associations and mood in the audience.
You will understand where to look for icons, backgrounds, photos and auxiliary elements.

Find out what simple template programs can do. Consider the power of Photoshop.
Learn how to edit images well.

You will understand how to harmoniously distribute content in the gallery and correctly place accents.
Learn how to create a compelling first image on a card.

You will figure out how to select a background so that it interacts with the product and evokes the necessary associations among buyers.
Learn to work with light and shadows, add auxiliary graphic elements.

Million Card
Learn how to effectively use icons and lists, insert tiles, and arrange tables in cards.
Create a quality card from scratch.


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